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How to Care For Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are a beautiful addition to any space and were originally created by stone masons from the Venetian period. The flooring was made from marble chips saved from previous projects and were floated on top a layer of cement. Giving the surface its signature speckled appearance.   While terrazzo is a remarkably resilient composite material, […]

The Surprising Consequence of Dirty Ceiling Fans

Not many people spend time during their day to stare at the ceiling, making this a very easy area to neglect with regards to cleaning and maintenance. If you’ve ever seen ceiling fans that have been ignored, you understand why it’s important to keep them clean. One flick of a switch can send particles flying, […]

6 Ways Office Cleaning Can Boost Productivity

Managing a busy office is a full-time job. And making sure that office stays clean and tidy day-in and day-out can be just as time-consuming and strenuous. But the benefits of having a place for everything and everything in its place are many. Did you know a clean office actually boosts productivity?   Here are […]

How to Make the Office Scentsational

In-between whole-office commercial cleanings, there are a few things you can do to keep things looking and smelling great. Unless you live in a lavish office building with luxe amenities you’re probably not used to things smelling “fresh.” This doesn’t mean things are smelling bad, but it probably wouldn’t be a big leap to assume […]

Keep Walls and Ceilings Clean

When was the last time you washed your walls and ceilings? You may say never, and that’s what most people will say. Maybe a wipe here and there around light switches and hallways, but most people don’t think about wall washing. You look at your walls every day and you get used to the way […]

Cleaning Tile and Grout

It’s fairly easy to clean tile and grout yourself.  Here are a few tips that will save you money.   Grout can be difficult to clean and to keep clean, but you can do-it-yourself if you know what to do. Most big box stores carry grout cleaners or you can purchase from a tile dealer. […]

Did You Know Cleaning Deters Crime?

Need a good reason to keep your business building or office clean? Did you know that opportunists target businesses that look poorly-maintained and unkempt before they hit a clean one? It’s true.   In fact, vandalism is one of the top crimes committed against businesses today. And it’s been shown that buildings and offices that […]

Fight The Flu and Other Illnesses With A Clean Office

Did you know that an office phone harbors 25,000 germs per square inch? Now that’s nasty!  When all is said and done, your office space may not be as clean as you think it is. We have a few more tips on cleaning before N&A Commercial Cleaning arrives.   During cold and flu season germs […]

How To Leave Lasting Office Impressions

Your customers are important to you and you want them to have the best experience possible when they visit your place of business. Hopefully, you’ll have everything necessary for a successful office meeting. But about the office place itself? Your brick-and-mortar business is your first impression for new employees, potential business partnerships, and yes, for […]

 Freshen Up Your Office Space

There’s a difference between “needs to be cleaned” and “needs to be freshened up.”   It’s easy to keep things clean between major cleanings. It all starts by never letting things get out of control. For example, if you can, empty trash bags daily or implement a rotating office chore chart if you don’t have a […]