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Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning Natural Stone

Natural stone adds a touch of elegance to any room and can end up lasting a lifetime if maintained properly. Many people make the mistake of thinking that because it’s stone, the only damage it can incur is chipping or cracks. However, stone has a natural porosity just like wood, fabric, and other surfaces—making it […]

How To Keep Hardwood Floors Looking Great

Hardwood floors are a very desirable floor material for several reasons including ease of cleaning, aesthetic appeal, and warranty protection.   However, keeping those floors looking shiny and clean is a bit more complicated than you might have thought.   Here are 6 tips that can help you keep your hardwood looking great:   1. […]

10 Germ-Harboring Areas In Kitchens

If you were to ask anyone their opinion about where the dirtiest room in their home or business is many responses would point to bathrooms—and understandably so. However, new evidence has revealed that kitchens are also a mecca for germs and bacteria.   Here are the filthiest areas of your kitchen that may be harboring […]

Cleaning 101: Post-Flooding and Severe Storm Tips

As anyone who’s ever lived through a severe storm can attest, post-storm cleaning and clean-up is no small feat. And there are special precautions you should take during the clean-up process to keep you safe. Here are some cleaning tips for post-flood damage.   1. Suit up   It is important to wear rubber boots, […]

6 Professional Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Stains on any surface, whether carpeting, fabric, or upholstery, are always best resolved when treated immediately. But, let’s face it, sometimes stains get overlooked or we only notice them after they’ve set. If you’re the owner of a set-in upholstery stain—fear not—you are not alone. Here are some professional upholstery-stain busting tips to resurrect fallen […]

10 Hospital Cleaning Tips To Prevent Infection

There are few spaces that encounter more germs, bacteria, and viruses than a hospital. This makes cleaning these buildings extremely important not only for the wellbeing of the patients that rely on hospital services, but also for the medical personnel and cleaning staff. Here are 10 tips that will help prevent infection when cleaning hospitals […]

6 Professional Carpet Cleaning Secrets

  Even the most Type-A among us will undoubtedly suffer a few carpet spills every now and again. Before you rush out to buy the latest in carpet cleaning tech from your local grocery or superstore, check out these professional carpet cleaning secrets:   1. Don’t scrub, blot   Scrubbing or rubbing at stains actually […]

Germ-Fighting Cleaning Tips For The Office

When you think of the typical places where germs run rampant, what comes to mind? A children’s schoolyard maybe? Or perhaps a hospital or medical clinic. But what about your office?   Sure, the office doesn’t usually spring to mind when thinking about germs, but the office can potentially be one of the “dirtiest” places […]

5 Tips For Beautiful Streak-Free Windows

  Windows make a big impression. So big, in fact, that clean windows were the fifth-highest ranked surface on a survey that polled cleaning satisfaction. At N&A Commercial Cleaning we know how important your windows are, which is why we take the utmost care in cleaning them. Here are some professional window cleaning tips to […]

Has Your Cleaning Company Quit You?

Many cleaning companies look at their clients as a declining investment. Even though your service agreement lays out all the monthly charges for your desired services, it’s not uncommon to be underquoted to secure the contract. After an introductory period of service, you may start to notice corners being cut and cleaning quality dropping.   […]