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Why You Need Janitorial Cleaning Services

  Most janitorial services are performed indoors, although some can be outdoors. A janitorial service vendor will offer you a complete list of their services and the prices are included.   Some companies will even clean parking areas and prune trees and shrubs near your entry for aesthetics. Customers love a neat, clean, organized entry […]

Yes, We Clean Restaurants Too!

The next time you visit a restaurant, if it is carpeted, think about how dirty restaurant carpeting must get. Patrons spill food, bring in debris from the street, and food gets ground into the carpet. Workers coming from the kitchen, servers, management, and all other restaurant staff track grease on their shoes from the kitchen […]

Why Hire A Professional Office Cleaning Service

When your office looks great, it shows your customers that you care. Your business environment can make or break your business.  It’s a business card!  We’ve all seen dirty public restrooms that should be condemned.  The same feelings can occur when you have an unkempt office atmosphere.   A clean office encourages cleanliness. It also […]

A Pro Cleaning Service Worth Hiring

  Hiring a professional cleaning service is the way to go when cleaning your office space. But which one do you choose? There are so many.   There are some “rules” that you can follow to pick the right one. Most businesses prefer to hire cleaning services so that they can concentrate on their business. […]

Tips On Organizing Your Business

You probably don’t want to hire a cleaning company to tidy up your office space.  But you can join with your employees and have a “clean up/decluttering” day.  Allow everyone to come to work dressed for cleaning.  Your business can remain open and you can have fun using everybody’s ideas to get the job done. […]

From The Outside In – We Have You Covered!

The outside of your office should be as clean and tidy as the inside. First impressions make a lasting impression. Many people will drive right by a business that looks unkempt.  Dirty windows, doors and concrete areas near your office suggest that you aren’t concerned by appearances.  That can be a game changer. Not in […]

Finding The Perfect Cleaning Company

When choosing a cleaning service for your office, there are many things to consider before you pick the right company. Corporate cleaning services are needed to keep your office in order, but choosing the wrong service can negatively affect your business. An important aspect to remember is the company will be working during your “off” […]

Quick Tips For A Cleaner Office

After your cleaning service is gone for the day, there are ways to keep your workspace clean and looking fresh for longer periods of time. Always pay attention to the potential for clutter. Keep papers in neat piles on your desk. Put things back after you use them.   Clean your phone frequently. Keep a […]

Hiring The Best Cleaning Service

You get what you pay for. If the janitorial company doesn’t pay their workers well, it will reflect on the cleanliness of your business. Don’t let a dirty restroom be the deciding factor in your customer service.   A janitorial service is responsible for your clients’ first impression of you, your business, and your staff. […]

Tips For An Inviting Break-room

Is your break room clean and inviting?  Do your employees enjoy a sanitary atmosphere in which to take their breaks and eat lunch or rest?  Have you considered how your break room looks?   It’s nice to have a clean area to rest and prepare for afternoon duties.  Whether it’s an indoor room with a […]