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Has Your Cleaning Company Quit You?

Many cleaning companies look at their clients as a declining investment. Even though your service agreement lays out all the monthly charges for your desired services, it’s not uncommon to be underquoted to secure the contract. After an introductory period of service, you may start to notice corners being cut and cleaning quality dropping.   […]

The 5 Green Benefits of Professional Pressure Washing

As Central Florida’s commercial cleaning services and janitorial company, we take our business very seriously. Providing carpeting and upholstery cleaning, window washing, waxing and polishing, as well as everyone’s favorite task: bathrooms.   We understand that your office is your first impression to clients, which is why we are committed to the utmost in quality […]

Your Business Is Our Business

Sometimes small business owners opt to clean their own offices to save time and money.  But, did you know that cleaning your own office can be counterproductive?  It’s okay to ask employees to clean up after themselves, but when it comes to actually cleaning the office, you should leave it to the professionals.   N&A […]

Including The Kitchen Sink

Owning a restaurant can be great fun. Meeting new people every day, preparing great food and desserts, and providing a community service that adds to the local flavor of your municipality is certainly a feather in your cap.   We understand that cleanliness is key to your business. We know that employees carry a certain […]

Clean Is What We do!

N&A Commercial Cleaning has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because we take our job seriously. We thrive on happy customers.   N&A doesn’t just hire people to work for us. We do extensive background checks on our service team. N&A also follows through on all references.  Once they’ve passed our rigid inspection, […]

Simply Germ Free

With cold and flu season just around the corner, we have a few safety tips for keeping your office as germ-free as possible. N&A Commercial specializes in extra clean. We can’t guarantee that a virus won’t sneak in, but we will do our best to keep that from happening.  Here are a few tips for […]

Beautify Your Business

Pressure cleaning your walkways and parking area can make a big difference when it comes to curb appeal for your business. Discolored, stained or moldy cement is an eyesore. If your business looks dingy, it can affect your bottom line. Customers are drawn to well-cared for businesses. When your building, windows, sidewalks and parking areas […]

Your Office Is Your Calling Card

  Your office space speaks for your business.  When customers come through your front door, they are greeted with your view of welcome!  Are your floors shiny?  Are they buffed and clean?  Or does your office have over-flowing waste baskets?  Are the windows smudged and dirty?  These are all things a customer sees when they […]

Why You Need Janitorial Cleaning Services

  Most janitorial services are performed indoors, although some can be outdoors. A janitorial service vendor will offer you a complete list of their services and the prices are included.   Some companies will even clean parking areas and prune trees and shrubs near your entry for aesthetics. Customers love a neat, clean, organized entry […]

Yes, We Clean Restaurants Too!

The next time you visit a restaurant, if it is carpeted, think about how dirty restaurant carpeting must get. Patrons spill food, bring in debris from the street, and food gets ground into the carpet. Workers coming from the kitchen, servers, management, and all other restaurant staff track grease on their shoes from the kitchen […]