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Finding The Perfect Cleaning Company

When choosing a cleaning service for your office, there are many things to consider before you pick the right company. Corporate cleaning services are needed to keep your office in order, but choosing the wrong service can negatively affect your business. An important aspect to remember is the company will be working during your “off” […]

Quick Tips For A Cleaner Office

After your cleaning service is gone for the day, there are ways to keep your workspace clean and looking fresh for longer periods of time. Always pay attention to the potential for clutter. Keep papers in neat piles on your desk. Put things back after you use them.   Clean your phone frequently. Keep a […]

Hiring The Best Cleaning Service

You get what you pay for. If the janitorial company doesn’t pay their workers well, it will reflect on the cleanliness of your business. Don’t let a dirty restroom be the deciding factor in your customer service.   A janitorial service is responsible for your clients’ first impression of you, your business, and your staff. […]

Tips For An Inviting Break-room

Is your break room clean and inviting?  Do your employees enjoy a sanitary atmosphere in which to take their breaks and eat lunch or rest?  Have you considered how your break room looks?   It’s nice to have a clean area to rest and prepare for afternoon duties.  Whether it’s an indoor room with a […]

Keeping Your Business Looking Sharp

Running a business is hard work. Keeping it clean and presentable for your clients is important. The inside of your office should be spotless and ready for a meeting in a heartbeat. But, have you thought about the outside of your business?  What is your business curb appeal?  Does it draw people in?  Do people […]

Commercial Cleaning Is A Must – Here’s Why!

Let’s face it, when you own a business, it’s stressful enough without having to worry about cleaning your office. You have customers and employees to think about, payroll to meet, stock to be managed, and lots of other every-day things that have to get done. You don’t want to clean your office at the end […]

Why Janitorial Service?

In today’s busy business world, it’s important to have a clean environment for your employees and your clients. When a company first opens their doors, things are simple. As the company grows, more employees are hired and more cleaning is needed. That’s when you need a professional janitorial service. Starting out, you want a company […]

Commercial Cleaning When You Need It!

We aren’t concerned about the size of the job. We’re concerned about making your office shine. You only have one first impression. Make it a good one.   Commercial cleaning companies are not all created equal. Some companies come in, clean, and then leave. Sometimes the customers are happy, sometimes not so much.  It’s hit […]

The Benefits Of Commercial Cleaning

Keeping your commercial properties in tip-top shape can be time consuming. It’s probably not something you want to do all yourself.   There are many reasons why you would hire a commercial cleaning company. The main one is convenience.   If you hire a good commercial cleaning company, they will take care of all of […]

Motivate Your Employees With A Clean Office

When you think about company productivity, what do you normally think of? Do you think of computers, tools, non-stop working, organization? How about cleanliness? You probably know that there is a link to productivity based on how organized you are. But, also consider the actual cleanliness of your workplace.   If you or your employees […]