Preparing For Back To School

Summer is coming to an end, meaning schools are prepping for the return of their students. Readying classrooms and curriculum for the upcoming academic year. Part of that preparation goes into making sure floors are stripped and refinished.   Although it’s been somewhat of a lost art for a while, the practice of spray buffing […]

Cleaning Hardwood Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Many businesses avoid wood flooring because of the maintenance costs and susceptibility to damage. N&A Commercial Cleaning specializes in all types of flooring including wood. The secret to keeping wood floors looking great is by using the right products i.e. the cleaners, polishes, and sealants.   Our expert technicians know how to properly care for […]

Trusted Commercial Office Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning an office, there are some different options available:     1. The owner can do it him or herself This option ensures everything would get done to the owners’ standards but would require a lot of time and effort that many owners simply don’t have.   2 In-house staff cleaners […]

Cleaning Medical Facilities

N&A Commercial Cleaning offers high quality and state-of-the-art cleaning services for hospitals and medical clinics.   With an estimated 320,000 viruses and nearly ten million strains of bacteria in the environment, hospitals and clinics must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. During cold and flu season, illnesses can be overwhelming. It’s important to keep […]

Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows are to your business what eyes are to your face. They influence how you’re perceived and can affect the overall impression of your business. Here at N&A Commercial Cleaning, our goal is to provide optimal window cleaning services at prices you can afford and we offer several plans to fit a variety of needs. […]

Pressure Cleaning

Attracting new business is important, but you wouldn’t greet a new client in dirty, wrinkled clothes, would you? Why let your office building look dingy and dirty?  Before you loosen the purse strings and consider re-painting, you should consider pressure cleaning.   Pressure washing is the use of extremely high water pressure with an industrial […]

Post-Holiday Cleanup From Cleaning Professionals

The holiday season is almost over.  It’s back to work with a backlog of customer orders. But first, it’s time to clean up the office and remove the holiday decorations. Once again, it’s all hands on deck.   This is a great time to sort through decorations, toss anything broken, and pack everything neatly to […]

4 Tips For Removing Red Wine From Carpet

Once the holidays are over, you might wonder why you bothered to clean BEFORE the office festivities.  Because now you’re left with a sizeable mess to clean up and some of those messes can be difficult.  Like red wine stains on carpet.   Using soap and water isn’t enough, and some cleaners only seem to […]

5 Prep Tips For Your Office Party

It’s the end of the year and time to celebrate.  Many companies use their main office as a holiday party venue. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your holiday office party goes off without a hitch.   1. Make the preparations a team affair The company supplies the tree and larger decorations. But […]

Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist

You made it through the maelstrom that was Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the new juggernaut Cyber Monday. But now, it’s nearly December and the real holiday frenzy is about to kick into 5th gear. The holidays are a time for family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones to spend quality time together i.e. holiday parties.   […]