Fall Cleaning

The temperatures are changing, the winds are picking up, and dirt is flying everywhere along with pollen. Homes and office buildings can start to look dreary and dirty. Not to worry…there’s an easy fix. Pressure cleaning, window washing, and yard clean up will make your business look inviting again.   N&A Commercial Cleaning does it […]


Those little chunks of color you see in your terrazzo flooring are actually pieces of marble mixed into a cement-like base. Taking care of terrazzo is very similar to caring for marble flooring.   Terrazzo flooring became very popular back in the Roman/Venetian era.  Pieces of marble would be left over after carving a sculpture, […]

Cleaning Tips For Your Office

  If you have brass fixtures in your office and you want them to look new again, here’s a tip for the do-it-yourselfer. All you need is some vinegar, salt, and flour. Mixing these into a paste is simple and easy to do. Use 1 teaspoon of salt. Dissolve into one-half cup of vinegar, and […]

Keeping Germs Away

  There’s always someone who eats at their desk.  Some people find that they get more done if they stay put. If management doesn’t have a problem with it, that’s okay.   But, if that employee has food spattered on his desk, keyboard, or computer monitor, it’s time for a talk. Germs love clutter and […]

Fall Cleaning

  Summer is almost over and Daylight Savings time is quickly coming to an end. This means it will soon be getting dark earlier. One way to prep for this is to have your windows washed. Sparkling clean windows will make a big difference. Keep your daylight as long as possible.  While you’re at it, have your […]

Odor Removal

If you’ve walked into your place of business and you smell an offensive odor, don’t panic. Odors can be removed. Yes, even smoke and sewage odors.   Odors come from a number of sources and can occur anywhere. If you can’t find the source, it’s time to call the professionals.   Whether it’s smoke damage, […]

Preparing For Back To School

Summer is coming to an end, meaning schools are prepping for the return of their students. Readying classrooms and curriculum for the upcoming academic year. Part of that preparation goes into making sure floors are stripped and refinished.   Although it’s been somewhat of a lost art for a while, the practice of spray buffing […]

Cleaning Hardwood Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Many businesses avoid wood flooring because of the maintenance costs and susceptibility to damage. N&A Commercial Cleaning specializes in all types of flooring including wood. The secret to keeping wood floors looking great is by using the right products i.e. the cleaners, polishes, and sealants.   Our expert technicians know how to properly care for […]

Trusted Commercial Office Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning an office, there are some different options available:     1. The owner can do it him or herself This option ensures everything would get done to the owners’ standards but would require a lot of time and effort that many owners simply don’t have.   2 In-house staff cleaners […]

Cleaning Medical Facilities

N&A Commercial Cleaning offers high quality and state-of-the-art cleaning services for hospitals and medical clinics.   With an estimated 320,000 viruses and nearly ten million strains of bacteria in the environment, hospitals and clinics must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. During cold and flu season, illnesses can be overwhelming. It’s important to keep […]